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26 – 28 May 2017

BOOMERANG by Michael Lill

Lunch/Supper and a Show – $40, EARLY BIRDS (until 8 May), $35

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Ticket Only – $25/22, EARLY BIRDS (until 8 May) $20/$17 

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BOOMERANG – Backfire, recoil, reverse, rebound, comeback, bounce back, ricochet RETURN

Boomerang  explores the formative events of four people living in a small country town and the tensions that exist between personal identity and the notion of community.

A journey, set over ten years, we follow three students as they make choices from adolescence to adulthood, led by the formidable Ms Hardwick and an incident that brings them together.

In Michael Lill’s masterfully crafted interconnected play, lives intersect and unravel as a tale of disconnection between individuals and community unfolds.

Boomerang will take you back to school – the laughs, the  growing pains, the crossroads and the memories that shape us.

The performance commences at Folk Alley Café, St Andrews General Store, 10 Caledonia Street, 3761 where you will be led to the performance venue as part of the action.

Written by Michael Lill

Performed by Sarah Crock, Anna Ellis, Raymond Martini and Luke Mason

Production Stage Manager/Lighting Design by Meika Clark

Original Composition by Rebecca Laurance

Duration: Approx 60 minutes

The performance commences at St Andrews General Store, 10 Caledonia Street, St Andrews 3761 and you will be led to another space a short walk away. Please note that there is uneven terrain – IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE please contact us at info@theatre451.com and we will arrange transport for you. The venue is not level access, there is a small step up in to the space.

It’s winter, it’s St Andrews – wear sensible shoes for a short walk and an umbrella just in case. We’ve got the rest covered – supper, show and bar.

 For bar and door sales pre and post show  – cash only – we have no EFT facilities. 



Presented by Theatre 451
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 “You told me you loved me. I love you, you said. You looked at me like…and said I still love you like in the beginning. You said that to me. Out of the blue you said that”.

And No More Shall We Part follows Pam and Don’s halting, humorous and devastating attempt at the impossible – to say goodbye after a lifetime together. Pam is dying. After sharing their lives, she and  husband Don must finally say goodbye. The story of their final moments together is filled with heart, love, tenderness, reverence and humanity. This relatively new Australian play approaches a contemporary issue of importance: the right to choose how and when we die.

 Contains adult themes and coarse language. The subject of euthanasia may be confronting to some audience members.

Running Time: Approx 75 minutes, no interval

3 – 5 March 2017

BOAT PEOPLE by Joanna Joy

Presented by Theatre 451

Directed by Adam J Cass

Performed by Sandra Chui and Shannen Alyce Quan

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 “I woke last night, and I looked at the ceiling and at all the faces from Cottees Cordial smiling back at me – kids, house, perfect little family – complete with Colorbond roof and the Dulux paint with the gorgeous dog that’s all black and white”.  

“Outsider. Loner. Foreigner. Scum. Drifter. Parasite. Wog. Intruder. Pariah. Boat Person”.

What makes us feel excluded and targeted? What do we long for? What makes us any different from those arriving on this island we call home? Bob and Shirley live in a shipping yard. Isolated members of society, rather than accepting the community society has built around them, they have made their own existence. An exploration of what it is to be Australian, the Australian dream, our fears of the new and a glimpse at how we can all feel like outsiders at times.

Contains adult themes, coarse language and hazer effects.  

Running Time: Approx 50 minutes, no interval