by Howard Barker

Presented by The Leech Collective
“A man, what is it…? A woman, what is it…?”

17 – 20 March 2016

EXTREME CONTENT WARNING. Contains adult themes, coarse language, nudity, violence and simulated sex scenes. Strobe and Smoke effects. 

Christ meets high school angst in The Leech Collective’s rendition of Howard Barker’s Ursula. 

Devoted to the naked man on the cross, blonde and beautiful Ursula forsakes her daddy’s wishes and refuses to marry Lucas, the brooding Prince of the Estuary. In the company of her Mother Superior and a group of virgins, Ursula takes a pilgrimage down the river intending to lead Lucas to Christ and to say – thanks, but no thanks.

But these princes… they do love their swords!

A cocktail of Christ, lust and blood – Ursula makes religious education a whole lot sexier. So, hang up your habits and hold on to your rosary beads, come to Ursula and we’ll have you talking in tongues. 

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