Maura Pierlot

A native New Yorker, Maura Pierlot came to Australia in 1987 to complete her thesis in philosophy/bioethics. She soon fell in love with the Aussie lifestyle, a shearer named Kieran, and Cherry Ripes, not necessarily in that order. In 1991, she resettled in Canberra, where she worked in medico-political news and, with Kieran, established a successful real estate agency. Over the next 15 years, she juggled small business with raising a family.

Longing for a creative outlet, she recently started writing again, focusing mainly on short stories and young adult fiction. Leaving is her first play. Maura lives in Canberra with Kieran, their three children, Aidan, Liam and Erin, and their Jack Russell shih-tzu (jackshit!), DJ.