by Tom Holloway
Presented by Theatre 451 – VICTORIAN PREMIERE

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“I came home from work and you were just gone. ‘Your son has gone. He’s gone somewhere better’ That’s what he said somewhere better”.

Gerry is almost 60, and he is going to meet his mother for the first time since he was three. The old lady lives somewhere in the UK. Liverpool, according to the records. So Gerry is going there to find out what made him who he is.

Holloway’s brilliant leap of imagination has been to set this story not at its outset half a century ago, but here and now. He has written a series of raw, beautiful conversations between members of a scattered family. Drawing it all together is Gerry’s extraordinary, precarious bid to finally learn what it means to love and belong to a family.

“One of the finest pieces of writing currently on Sydney stages, remarkably acted and honest, it is one of the best plays of the year.” Aussie Theatre

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