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Tref Gare

Tref Gare used to do this theatre stuff a lot – stopped doing it a while back but appears to be starting again which may or may not be a good thing. Trained in a variety of martial theatre arts, Tref  toured various interesting corners of the globe with his company Eclectic Pelican back in the olden days before the internet and has more recently taken to singing in the shower.
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Neil Cooke

Neil has been intermittently involved in live theatre productions over many past years. Beginning with ‘One Off Productions’ in Eltham, and more recently with ‘St. Andrews Community Theatre’ & ‘Theatre 451’, he’ll probably go on being intermittent as that seems to have become a habit.
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Kim Travers

Kim originally hails from sunny Brisbane where her experience ran across API Little Theatre, Ipswich Little Theatre, Capricornia Players and Brisbane Arts as an actor, director and student of Drama.  With an expanding family of 5 siblings, 4 children and  6 grandchildren it seemed a good idea to migrate to Melbourne to escape the “humidity”.
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