Arctic Fevers

by Seaton Kay-Smith

Saturday 28th June 2014 – 3pm and 7.30pm

Sunday 29th June 2014  – 3pm

Join us as we revisit the frozen arctic landscapes in this hilarious new Australian comedy.

Arctic was the first show of the PPP season and sold out before you could blow the icicles out of your nose – don’t miss this rerun of this absurdist comic gem from the very talented pen of Sydney writer and comedian Seaton Kay-Smith.

When charismatic moron Captain Edmonsonson and sensible misanthrope Elwood Fife find themselves trapped by an avalanche, they are forced to remain in the Arctic to await their deaths and even worse, must get to know each other.


Tref Gare as Captain Edmonsonson
Neil Cooke as Elwood Fife
Kim Travers as Jacki


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