About Theatre 451

Founded in 2013, Theatre 451 produces both new and known works of Australian and International theatre in the northeast Melbourne region and on tour.

Our aims are to create new work, support theatre makers and writers in an organisational capacity, whilst providing accessible, affordable theatre to communities.

Providing a place for writers, actors, directors and technicians to develop their skills in a caring, nurturing environment, we produce entertaining, thought-provoking theatre; often performing work in unorthodox locations.

Our new work seasons to date include A Play, A Pie & A Pot and our first young adult development project Beers and Trees, both which attracted sold out audiences.


I’ll definitely be back for more and hopefully the crew of Theatre 451 will continue to put on such lively and entertaining shows that haven’t the least bit of pretension or snobbery but provide more entertainment than you could genuinely shake a stick at.A Play, A Pie & A Pot - The Australia Times

The direction is consistent throughout, with meaningful actions and body language opening the possibility for much interpretation.Beers & Trees – Theatre Press

Past Works

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