Beers & Trees co-director, Tref Gare is poster boy for Spring at La Mama – ok he has a bag over his head but….it’s him. Read On!
For those of you who have seen one of Tref Gare’s solo shows, King’s Player or Icarus Dream, this might be of interest.  After (ahem) several years of semi retirement, he’s been lured out from under his rock to create a new show – FIFTY GRADES OF SHY, exploring some of the big questions around love, the universe and well, while not quite everything, at least a few other things like neuro-chemistry, online dating and our sadomasochistic relationship with social networking.

The first work in progress viewings of this new bit of solo theatrical eclecticism are being performed at La Mama as part of their Explorations season 2015.  There will be sweat.. there will be at least a little self flagellation, there will probably be some other stuff too.  Come and forever be able to tell your children “I was there “…


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